Champions Crowned at the South Australian Longboard and Shortboard Masters State Titles
Published on 03/08/2020

Champions Crowned at the South Australian Longboard and Shortboard Masters State Titles
Champions were crowned in a great display of surfing on the South Coast this weekend. The  Longboard and Shortboard Masters State Titles which where scheduled to run in April this year were postponed due to COVID 19 restrictions. With the easing of these restrictions Surfing SA grabbed the opportunity to run a compressed event with limited entries and divisions allowing us to crown State Champs across most divisions.
The event was scheduled to run at Middleton Point but was moved to Cliffs which provided more opportunity and contestable surf. Surfers were met with clean 2-3 ft swell, brisk offshore winds and a beautiful sunny winters day. Plenty of spectators lined the cliffs to watch the states best surfers battle for their respective state titles.
The premier Open Longboard Division did not disappoint with a great display of surfing throughout the stacked qualifying rounds. In the Mens final Adam Barley ended up taking the Title with Robin Ponzini 2nd, Tom Bowen 3rd and Craig Potgieter 4th. Erika Oemcke took the Women’s Title ahead of Ellen Watson. 
Other Results were:
Open Men Longboard:

  1. Adam Barley (Seaford)
  2. Robin Ponzoni (Seaford)
  3. Tom Bowen (Seaford)
  4. Craig Potgieter (Seaford)

Open Women Longboard:

  1. Erika Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)
  2. Ellan Watson (Port Noarlunga South)

Over 40 Men Longboard:
1.Craig Potgieter (Seaford)2. Jason Garret (Evanston)3. Anthony Ivcevic (North Haven)4. James McEwan (Port Noarlunga)
Over 50 Men Longboard:

  1. Wayne Gurney (Marion Bay)
  2. Jason Russel (Port Noarlunga South)
  3. Sean Crowder (Port Noarlunga South)
  4. Andre Carrison (Seaford)

Over 60 Women Longboard:

  1. Cheryl Buck (Colonel Light Gardens)
  2. Anna Markey (Goolwa)
  3. Robyn Brown (Middleton)

Over 60 Men Longboard:

  1. John Amos (Middleton)
  2. Alex Watson (Port Noarlunga South)
  3. Peter Barley (Willunga)
  4. Ray Palmer (Port Noarlunga South)

Junior Longboard:

  1. Scott Thomas (Seaford)
  2. Cooper McEwan (Port Noarlunga)

Kym Nagler Open Logger:

  1. Adam Barley (Seaford)
  2. Tom Bowen (Seaford)
  3. Jason Garret (Evanston)
  4. Scott Thomas (Seaford)

Over 50 Men Logger               – 1.    Darren Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)Over 40 Men Shortboard        – 1.    James McEwan (Port Noarlunga)Over 40 Women Shortboard  – 1.    Carita StrengellOver 50 Women Shortboard  – 1.    Erika Oemcke (Port Noarlunga South)Over 60 Women Shortboard  – 1.    Cheryl Buck (Colonel Light Gardens)
Over 50 Men Shortboard:
1.    Sean Crowder (Christies)2.    James Bryant (Middleton)3.    Andre Carrison (Seaford)
Over 60 Men Shortboard:
1.    James Bryant (Middleton)2.    Ray Palmer (Port Noarlunga South)3.    Tim Hoile (Encounter Bay)

  1. Darrel Treasure (Modbury)
  2. Patrick Langlands (Old Noarlunga)
  3. Simon Coote (Victor Harbor)
  4. Kevin Lewis (Middleton)

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