Foundation Officiating Course

The Foundation Officiating course covers a range of general officiating topics, best-practice safety and risk management, club governance and event management. It gives Boardrider clubs the tools they need to run safe, high quality events for their members.

 Your Clubs’ affiliation fee includes $20 Million Public Liability and $5 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance policy. The free Foundation Officiating course offers your club more coverage by proving to our insurer that we have competent officials at each and every club that have learnt the necessary skills to deal with the issues that we see in our ever changing surf environment.

Successful completion of the course for your club will help us to keep our Insurance premiums and hence affiliations as low as possible, without a qualified official at each club we risk large increases in insurance premiums and affiliations.

 A qualified active Foundation Club Official should also be proficient and provide details of the completed:

 Please upload the all certificates as “credentials” in your personal profile. Your State branch will approve your Foundation Officiating Qualification once all uploads are completed.