2021 Specsavers Victor Harbor Southern Surf Festival draws a crowd at Middleton
Published on 04/05/2021

The Southern Surf Festival made a stunning return to Middleton Point at the weekend, drawing big crowds across Saturday and Sunday. 

The weather kindly obliged and despite necessary COVID-19 restrictions, punters and spectators enjoyed two days of sun and surf.

The event which celebrates South Australian surf culture, is a highlight on the state’s calendar that draws thousands of visitors from around the country. This year’s event was backed by major sponsor Specsavers Victor Harbor and supported by the Alexandrina Council.

Surfing SA spokesperson Craig Potgieter thanked the community and sponsors for their support. 

“We were supported by a number of generous sponsors from the community and we can’t run this event without sponsors and support,” Mr Potgieter said. “We really want to thank those that get involved, the surfing community is so grateful for the support. 

“Next year we hope to put on an even better event and we want to reach out to everyone to make contact with us so that we can involve you in this awesome community event.”

While competitors hit the water, spectators enjoyed a wide range of market stalls and entertainment.

Across two days, various competitions were held, catering for surfers of varying ability and disciplines.

Young and old hit the water and lifestyle, club and old school events were packed with participants looking to get involved.

A major highlight was the newly-added Para Surfing event. 

In a first for Surfing SA, the Para division event counted toward qualification for the Australian Para National Titles, to be held in August. “Inclusion is so important and this is an area that we all could do better at,” Mr Potgieter said. The crowd went wild during the nail biting Para final between Jocelyn Neumueller and Ben Everson. Neumueller eventually took the win with a 10 point ride in the dying minutes, taking out the inaugural Southern Surf Festival Adaptive Title. “This means so much to me,” Ms Neumueller said following the event.”Thanks so much to Surfing SA. This is just the beginning of Para Surfing in SA and I can’t wait to see how the sport progresses.”Runner Up Ben Everson was also upbeat following the final.”I never, ever thought I would be involved in a surfing contest. I am so stoked right now,” he said.


Para Divison

  1. Jocelyn Neumueller
  2. Ben Everson


Open Women:                   

  1. Ellen Watson
  2. Erika Oemcke
  3. Vicki Centofanti

Open Men:

  1. Tom Bowen
  2. Robin Ponzoni
  3. Adam Barley
  4. Craig Potgieter

Over 40 Men

  1. Craig Potgieter
  2. Anthony Icevic
  3. Jason Garret
  4. Jim Liddell

Over 50 Women

  1. Vicki Centofanti
  2. Erika Oemcke
  3. Zanni Twopenny

Over 50 Men

  1. Jason Russell
  2. James McEwan
  3. Darren Oemcke
  4. Simon Mclean

Over 60 Women

  1. Cheryl Buck
  2. Anna Markey
  3. Robyn Brown

Over 60/70 Men Mixed

  1. Peter Barley
  2. John Amos (O/70)
  3. Phil Ball
  4. Jack Howarth
  5. Paul Galbraith


  1. Yanni Carripetis
  2. Patrick Langlands
  3. Simon Coote

Open Logger Mixed

  1. Robin Ponzoni
  2. Tom Bowen
  3. Adam Barley
  4. Scott Thomas
  5. Erika Oemcke ( Open Women Logger 1st)

Over 40 Logger Mixed

  1. Jason Garret
  2. Anthony Icevic
  3. Darren Oemcke
  4. Erika Oemcke

Junior Longboard Mixed

  1. Cadel Garner
  2. Khai Cowley
  3. Annabel Greenleaf (Junior Girls 1st)
  4. Alfie Greenleaf
  5. Riley Lewis


Over 40/50 Women’s Mixed

  1. Cheryl Peat
  2. Cheryl Buck
  3. Erika Oemcke
  4. Carita Strengell (O/40)
  5. Vicki Centofanti

Over 50 Men

  1. Sean Crowder
  2. James McEwan
  3. Gary Haworth
  4. James Bryant

Over 60 Men 

  1. Ray Palmer
  2. James Bryant
  3. Allan Bruce
  4. Tim Hoile

Single Fin Women

  1. Cheryl Peat
  2. Cheryl Buck
  3. Erika Oemcke

Single Fin Men

  1. Zac Drury
  2. Gary Haworth
  3. Robbie Munoz
  4. Jim Liddell

Twin Fin Women

  1. Hannah Andrews
  2. Amanda Robinson
  3. Annabel Greenleaf
  4. Kirra Lynch

Twin Fin Men

  1. Jake Tomlinson
  2. Harry Green
  3. Robin Ponzoni
  4. Craig Potgieter

Inter Club

  1. Seaview Road Boardriders
  2. South Coast Boardriders
  3. Seaford Boardriders 
  4. Classic Lines

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